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- Posted on 15 Jan 2017, Pastor: James Walden

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Why Study the Ten Commandments?

And why spend six months of our lives doing it? Aren’t these the defunct stipulations of an old covenant made with Israel, while we who are in Christ are under a new covenant? It is true that Jesus fulfilled the law of Moses, so that, as Paul famously declared, “Christ is the end...
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Advent: By His Poverty We are Made Rich

Last year’s flood afforded us the opportunity as Jesus’ people to face a number of new challenges – the biggest of which was how to care for our many, hurting neighbors.  We turned to a number of resources as we sought to address the pressing needs of our community,...
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How an Orphan Saved Me

I’d like to tell you that I have a pure heart and consequently, our pursuit of children through adoption was from a motive of pure religion. I’d like to tell you that adoption is always beautiful and inspirational as Romans 8 says it is. I’d like to tell you all to adopt one of...
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