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- Posted on 15 Apr 2014, Pastor: Chad Escue

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Jonah’s Heart, Our Heart

Posted on 15 Apr 2014, Pastor: Chad Escue

Is Your Anger Good?

Posted on 07 Apr 2014, Pastor: James Walden

Salvation is of the Lord

Posted on 30 Mar 2014

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Sermon Blurb – The Sign of Jonah

Jesus performed many “signs and wonders” throughout the course of His ministry – more than could be written down (John 20:30-31). He did these, in great part, that the people might believe in Him (John 4:48). And many within Israel were impressed with Jesus’ miracles and displays...
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Sermon Blurb – Grace and Rage

Grace and Rage Anger is a funny thing.  No doubt, “righteous indignation” is a real (and proper) phenomenon.  But it is also rare.   Really rare.  The truth is, our anger is a precarious thing.  Of all the human emotions, it is regarding anger alone that Scripture...
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Sermon Blurb – Salvation Is Of The Lord

Not unlike Caiaphas’ “prophecy” regarding Christ’s death on behalf of the nation in John 11:49-53, when Jonah confessed in Jonah 2:9, “salvation is of the Lord,” he spoke better than he knew. I imagine him uttering these words balled up in the...
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Tale of Two Services

The leadership team voted to transition to two services. Quick Facts Our first Sunday with two services will be March 30th. The services times are 9:00 am and 10:45 am. There is full Children’s Ministry at  9:00 am. The 10:45 am services will have Children’s Ministry for infants...
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