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- Posted on 14 Dec 2014, Pastor: James Walden

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Why Church?

If anyone who lives in the city does not attend church services for three Sundays, let that person be expelled for a brief time in order to make the reproach public.             – Synod of Elvira, 306 A.D.  So, do I attend church? Not often, to be honest. Like I said, it’s...
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Why Family?

“We’re a happy family, me, mom, and dad.” Cheers to you if you can name the punk band quoted above (without looking it up)! I’m pretty sure that Joey Ramone did not grow up in a happy family by reading the rest of the lyrics to the song (look it up). Family is a powerful, yet...
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Advent Resources

Advent is upon us and we would love to equip you and your family with some great resources as you gather around scripture and prepare for this season. The following is just a taste from the introduction to Prepare Him Room a family devotional celebrating Jesus’ birth, from...
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Why I’m Thankful

Why I’m Thankful for Riverside All Year Long One of my hobbies is getting lost. One time I got lost for 15 minutes driving around an apartment complex parking lot. And probably more embarrassing, I’ve even walked in to the wrong house before.   A few years ago, I...
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