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- Posted on 28 Jul 2014, Pastor: James Walden

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The Dreaded Genealogy

If you’ve ever read through the Bible in a year, or some other reading plan, you’ve come across the dreaded genealogy list. Ugh. Didn’t Paul warn Timothy about “endless genealogies”? Why are these tedious details in the Bible? Do we really need to...
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Overcoming the Walls of Adversity

We all have been down the proverbial “fast track” at various times in our lives, when everything seems to go our way. For certain seasons, advancement becomes our best friend and success knows no rival. In chapters two and three of Nehemiah, our main character experiences a...
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Elder Commissioning

In the New Testament, we see that leaders within the church are often “set apart” to fulfill their particular ministry. This is true of both leaders who are “sent out” from the church on its behalf (e.g., Acts 13:3), and those leaders who are called to minister in an official...
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Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Dad – Part II

Continued from Part I Learning from the Mistakes of the Fathers Moses and Leading at Home First If you think the tale of Noah and his sons in Genesis 9:20-23 is strange, the story of Moses and Zipporah in Exodus 4:24-26 is even weirder.  No one knows exactly what was going on in...
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