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- Posted on 30 Aug 2015, Pastor: James Walden

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The Hard Work of Unity

The Ground of Our Unity: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit This Sunday we considered Jesus’ famous prayer for the unity of the Church.  This unity is first a communion with the Father and the Son through the Holy Spirit (John 17:21-26). This eternal relationship between the Father...
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Forum Recap and Final Thoughts on SCOTUS Ruling

Sunday’s “Forum on Marriage, Sexuality and the Church” was a great start to a conversation we hope continues among the members of the Riverside family for some time.  In particular, we encourage you to continue the conversation within your Small Groups in the weeks and months to...
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In the Beginning: A Theological Sketch of Marriage & Sexuality

The swiftness with which public opinion has nearly reversed on the question of “same sex marriage” has many conservatives scratching their heads: how did things change so much so fast?  In an insightful article for “The American Conservative,” Sex After Christianity,Rod Dreher...
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Homosexuality and Scripture

Have you ever had that embarrassing uncle or cousin who says things that are just way over the line?  You find yourself constantly re-interpreting their words around others, finding excuses for them, pleading with others to grant your socially maladjusted family member “the...
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