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- Posted on 22 Nov 2015, Pastor: James Walden

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Shame & Sexuality

Last Sunday we talked about our shame, and the shalom it shatters.  “Shame is feeling exposed as ugly beyond words,” writes psychologist Dan Allender, “nothing cuts to the core so personally as shame does.”  Perhaps philosopher Jean Paul Sartre gave the most vivid descriptio...
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Our Holy Calling

I love the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I am especially familiar with and fond of the ranges located in the Western North Carolina region, and in particular the Black Mountains.  The Blacks boast the highest mountains on the East Coast and are home to Mount Mitchell State Park.  I’ve...
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Reckoning with Genesis 2: Science & Sacred History

In the Spring of 1998, my parents and I were on the autobahn in Italy on our way to Venice from Austria – our own version of European Family Vacation, minus my sister.  Perhaps it was the seemingly frenzied and accelerating speed of the other drivers, or maybe it was the...
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In Genesis 1:1-2:3, we read the majestic prologue to the book of beginnings.  The opening line is no less sublime for its familiarity: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  The next verse, though also familiar, is more mysterious.  The initial assessment of...
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