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- Posted on 31 Aug 2014

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Who can come to the Table?

This Sunday morning (8/31) I made two significant statements regarding our honoring the Lord’s Table at Riverside.  The first was in reference to our plan to celebrate the Supper among our Small Groups in homes, following the practice of the early church.  Stay tuned for...
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Grammar and Theology (Nerd Alert!)

Sometimes the line between presenting details of the biblical languages in our preaching in order to better display the gospel and glory of Christ, on the one hand, and simply to display the knowledge of the preacher, on the other, is hard to see.   But in the case of John 1:1c,...
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Eye of the Eagle: The Gospel of John

It became traditional in the ancient church to associate the four gospels with the four “living creatures” around the throne of God described in the book of Ezekiel and the Book of Revelation.  The church father, Irenaeus, gives us our earliest account of this...
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Repentance and Remembrance

The following is a hymn I wrote over the last two weeks as I’ve spent time considering the inward workings of my own sinful heart, and the constant grace needed and mercifully supplied by our Heavenly Father.  May it encourage you to look deep within and to find the courage...
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