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- Posted on 26 Jun 2016, Pastor: James Walden

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Restoring Home, Giving Hope

It is hard to think that seven months after the flood, there are individuals who are still displaced from their homes. Ms. Karen is one of them and this is her story: Like many victims, Ms. Karen evacuated her home at 4:30 in the morning the day of the massive flooding. When she...
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Small Groups Need Adventure

On Saturday, April 16th, our small group core teams spent a morning at the PEAK Facilities at Heathwood Hall conquering our fear of heights and processing small group issues through the lens of physical challenges. Why?  As en-souled bodies (or embodied souls), sometimes to make...
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#LoveColumbia Care Team

As we are moving forward in the wake of the flood, we have started to realize a few things. Many smaller flood related needs in our community are being met and taken care of—Praise the Lord! But some of our neighbors are still struggling with more complex issues. There are also...
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Deacons at Riverside Community Church

In our series on 1Timothy 1-3, we’ve considered the nature of the church as “the household of God.” As a household, it has its own, internal economy – a certain “home economics,” if you will. But this domestic economy is driven by the kingdom of heaven itself, “the economy...
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