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- Posted on 31 Jan 2016, Pastor: Landon Jones

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Does the Church Have Real Authority

Church, Leadership, and the World: Internal Authority for External Influence In a talk I recently heard, a Christian leader claimed that the “new authority” for our skeptical age is personal experience over against institutional claims of authority.  Her suggestion was that the...
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Immanuel: God with Us

Reformed theologian, Michael Horton, has said that second to the incarnation itself the most miraculous thing about Jesus’ birth was that no one died. That sounds quite dramatic. What does he mean? When father Adam and mother Eve were brusquely expelled from Paradise, at the...
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Move to Devine

Please watch the video below. Every day we are closer and closer to being in our home on Devine St, but until then it’s going to take a lot of work from everyone in the Riverside family. We have broken up the various tasks and projects into teams; Sanctuary and A/V,...
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Take Heart: Advent Week Three

The following is taken from Take Heart: Advent Devotional Series published by the EFCA.  This advent season, the EFCA is focusing on the stories of taking heart and giving back with charitable giving. You may make an online gift here. Read - Take Heart: Advent Intro , Take Heart:...
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