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- Posted on 02 May 2016, Pastor: James Walden

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#LoveColumbia Care Team

As we are moving forward in the wake of the flood, we have started to realize a few things. Many smaller flood related needs in our community are being met and taken care of—Praise the Lord! But some of our neighbors are still struggling with more complex issues. There are also...
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Deacons at Riverside Community Church

In our series on 1Timothy 1-3, we’ve considered the nature of the church as “the household of God.” As a household, it has its own, internal economy – a certain “home economics,” if you will. But this domestic economy is driven by the kingdom of heaven itself, “the economy...
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New Discipleship Intensives: Part I

As “a pillar and buttress of the truth,” (1Tim.3:15) the church’s purpose is to embody the gospel before a watching world, showing as well as telling the good news of the kingdom of God, and so making visible the invisible glory of God revealed in the person and work of Jesus...
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What is Lent and Why Should I (Not) Observe It?

One Baptist friend of mine recently asked online: “Are you observing Lint this year?” That represents about as much familiarity with the tradition as I had growing up in a so-called non-liturgical church. The “Season of Lent” is one of the oldest observations on the Christian...
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