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- Posted on 20 Oct 2014, Pastor: James Walden

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Talking to Your Kids About Special Needs

Some of you have heard me say it before: When Wil was born, I felt like we had stepped into the middle of someone else’s life and it was our job to connect all the dots. What is Down syndrome? What does this mean long term? Day to day? How will we relate differently to Wil...
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Why Plant Churches?

From the very beginning of Riverside Community Church, we wanted to not merely plant a church, but to establish a church-planting church in Columbia.  Why? Let me ask you this question: what should Christians be doing in the world?  Helping the homeless?  Feeding t...
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You’re Planting a Church

Whether you know it or not, if you’re part of Riverside, you’re part of planting a church in Manchester, England. It is possible that you haven’t met me or my wife yet (hopefully that will change!) but just by being part of the church that sends us, you are playing a part in...
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Who Can Come to the Table, Pt. III: A Communion Script

Four weeks ago, I unwittingly opened a can of worms.  I stated that the Lord’s Table was reserved for baptized believers.   In my mind, this was an unremarkable comment.  Aren’t all believers called to be baptized as their first, public step in following Jesus (Acts 2:37-38;...
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