Women's Care Team

Mission & Vision

The Riverside Women’s Care Team works in tandem with church leadership to assist in and supplement our care for women in the church, shepherding them as the daughters of God and vital members of the Body of Christ.


What does this look like?

● Meet needs of women that are better met by other women, especially one-on-one
● Be a resource to small group leaders to help meet the needs of women
● Provide an additional means for women’s voices (ideas, concerns) to be heard by the church leadership
● Support elders by being available to assist with and pray for RCC women
● Attuned to the needs of women in the church (“boots on the ground”)
● Help women flourish by engaging their gifts in the body of Christ
● Encourage women to seek a “community of care” that could include one or more of the WCT, elders, therapists, small group leaders, small group coaches, etc., as needed


How do I connect with the team?

We encourage you to fill out the contact form below to connect with our Women’s Care Team leaders.  After you submit your questions, the team leaders will communicate with the other WCT members in confidence to best meet you and your needs. We are thankful for your courage to share and will reach out as soon as possible.

Women's Care Team Contact