Sermon Blurb – The Sign of Jonah


Jesus performed many “signs and wonders” throughout the course of His ministry – more than could be written down (John 20:30-31). He did these, in great part, that the people might believe in Him (John 4:48). And many within Israel were impressed with Jesus’ miracles and displays of power (Matthew 9:33; 12:23). Though there were exceptions (like Nicodemus, John 3:1-2), the religious leadership as a whole, however, rejected these evidences of Christ’s ministry and rationalized them away (Matthew 9:34; 12:24). Nevertheless, they still to demanded a “sign from heaven” to prove Jesus’ divine identity (12:38; 16:1-4). In response to these demands of unbelief, Jesus offered only one sign: the Sign of Jonah. This is the final sign of His ministry. And it is the greatest, standing as a testimony for all time to His remarkable claims.

What is the sign of Jonah? And how will we respond to it?