Who’s the Greatest-Mark: 9:30-41

Posted on 01 Mar 2020, Preacher: Jarrian Wilson


Sermon Discussion Questions:

1)     If we’re honest, when it comes to our general idea of greatness, self-sacrifice is not one of the factors that first comes to mind. It’s understandable why the disciples are confused when Jesus reminds them once again of His impending death (Mark 9:30-32). Yet Jesus, through his words and example, demonstrates that self-sacrifice is a must if you want to be great in His kingdom.

·       Think about various areas of your life that you aspire to be great in. How can Jesus’ example of self-sacrifice influence those aspirations?  

2)     Like “The Last Dragon” antagonist Sho’nuff, and like the disciples, we too can become fixated on being seen as the greatest in the eyes of others, even if it means trying to show off how “humble” we are. Jesus puts this notion to rest by the example of a child, and states that anyone seeking greatness must be willing to serve those considered “the least” (verse 33-36).

·       In what ways can you put Jesus’ words here into practice? What opportunities around you do you see to serve “the least”?      

3)  We  often compare ourselves to those that aren’t like us and then try to make ourselves seem better by comparison. If we’re not careful, we can make the same mistake that John makes (verse 38) and devalue people who God may actually be using because they aren’t “in our camp”. This is not only harmful, but unnecessary, because none of us can compare to Jesus anyway. And because He accepts us, we no longer have to measure up.

·       Are there people (close to you or not) that you have devalued or coveted because they weren’t “in your camp”? How can the truth stated above help you to see and engage with them differently?