True Confessions: The Grace of Rebuke Mark 8:22-33

Posted on 02 Feb 2020, Preacher: Landon Jones

Small Group Discussion Questions:

  1. Just as it took multiple touches of Jesus for the blind man to fully see with his physical eyes, so also it took multiple encounters of grace from Jesus for the disciples to see the real Jesus and confess him as “the Christ.” What was your confession of Christ like? How has that initial confession been shaped over your life? Where does Jesus need to “touch” you in order to see him clearly?
  2. Jesus’s revelation of himself “the Christ” included suffering, rejection & death. This was uncomfortable for Peter because he knew that the way of the master is the way of the disciple. Following Jesus can often cause us to suffer, be rejected, and force us to die to ourselves. What areas of our lives do we need to put to death in order to whole-heartedly follow Jesus?  What “false Jesuses” have you been longing for other than the real Jesus?
  3. Satan is the liar and deceiver, offering false light in half truths. What are the false confessions from Satan we believe that often draw us away from Jesus’ work on the cross? How can we as a small group encourage one another when these false confessions become louder than the truths of God?