Stay Salty, Riverside-Mark 9:42-50

Posted on 08 Mar 2020, Preacher: James Wal


Sermon Discussion Questions:

1)     Like the disciples (Mark 9:33-42), our disposition and attitude towards others – especially those not like us – will either help or hinder their obedience towards Jesus.

·       When has your disposition been a hindrance to others following Jesus? When has it been a help?

2)     Jesus uses vivid language in verses 43-47 to describe a ruthless pursuit of holiness. As the Puritans said, we need to kill sin before it kills us.  We are to be merciless towards it and root it out of our hearts by any means necessary.

·       What are some sinful habits or sources of sin that need to be rooted out of your life. How can we as a group encourage each other to ruthlessly pluck these sources of sin out? 

3)     The truth of God’s final and eternal judgement is a sobering reality. Jesus warns of everyone being “salted with fire”(verse 49), which, for the believer, means that our works will be tried by fire to determine their eternal value (see 1Cor.3:12-15). In a sense, this “salting by fire” is happening even now as we strive to give up those things that hinder us from true holiness.

·       In what areas can you offer yourself more sacrificially to God? How can we as a group encourage each other toward this “holiness without which no one will see the Lord”?