Counting the Costs – Mark 8:34-38

Posted on 09 Feb 2020, Preacher: James Walden


1)     Jesus’ call to take up our cross applies to all who would follow Him (Mark 8:34), but as Dietrich Bonhoeffer points out, though we may carry the same cross, we all carry different portions.

·       In your Christian walk thus far, what has your cross portion looked like? What aspects of yourself have you felt the call to die to? 


2)     There are many good desires and aspirations in our lives worth pursuing, but even these things can become detrimental to us if we give ourselves over to them instead of surrendering ourselves to Jesus (v. 35).

·       What are some desires/aspirations/ambitions that you are clinging to and reluctant to let go of?        


3)     Jesus views us as incomparably valuable because we bear His image, and points out that we can’t exchange anything that would compare to this inherent value (Mark 8:36-37).

·       How does the truth that God sees you as incomparably valuable affect your outlook on the desires and ambitions mentioned in the last question?