Sunday Service Registration

We ask that everyone who wishes to attend on Sunday registers. Each week on Tuesday @ 5pm our Sunday Service Registration form goes live. You can click the link below to register for our services. You will need a login to register, if you don’t have a login, please click “Request Account” on the login page.

Our Gathering Policies

We have updated our gathering policies for our indoor worship services.  You may click the button below to read more. When you register, you agree to:

  • Wear a mask at all times.
  • Keep 6ft distance from others.
  • Not attend if you or your household is symptomatic.
  • Keep your children with you at all times.
  • Clean up after yourself.

What About Our Kids?

We will not be offering any Children’s Discipleship during this phase of regathering. However, Stacy has prepared for our families a quick video looking at how we can engage our kids with the gospel through this next season.  Please watch the video below for a quick overview of our plan for children.

As Stacy said, we have two follow up videos to help you with whichever decision is best for your family as you disciple your children.

What Will Sunday Be Like?

We all know that it will be very different than our gatherings before all this began, but what will it really be like? Here is what a new Sunday experience will look like.


  • Plan to arrive to your parking spot no later than 9:40. This will help give you time to check in. Parking signs will show you where you can park.
  • Have your confirmation email handy, either printed out or on your device.
  • The Children’s Discipleship door will be closed for entry as we are only allowing entrance from the front of the church.
  • We ask that everyone stand on the socially distanced markings and wait in two lines to be checked in,
  • There are hand sanitizer stations and masks available if you need them at the entrance.
  • We will have no coffee, so bring your own if you need it.

Before Worship:

  • After you have been checked in by a welcome host, you will wait in the foyer for an usher.
  • Now is the time to grab your Sermon Bags for any kids.
  • We will not have paper bulletins so be sure to check out our digital bulletin link on the slides.
  • An usher will help you to your seat, much like at a wedding.
  • Please remain at your seats and avoid mingling. If you need to use the restroom, you may do so.
  • Do not move chairs around or invite others to sit with you without speaking to an usher first.
  • Please be aware there are some cables taped down to help the livestream. Do not move any lights or microphones.

During Worship:

  • Remember to keep your mask on at all times while in the building.
  • Sing loud! Seriously. We’ve missed hearing the saints worship together.
  • There will be no offering baskets passed around. Instead, you may give online.
  • We have removed our pew Bibles, so don’t forget to bring your own.
  • After the Children’s Sermon, we will have a short time for families of young kids to leave if needed. Please refrain from moving around during this time if you are not leaving.

After Worship:

  • There will be a live Q&A starting 10 min after the benediction. 
  • Please wait for our ushers to dismiss you to leave. If you would like to stay for the Q&A, just let the ushers know. This will help us not linger indoors.
  • Please take with you all of your belongings and trash.
  • Feel free to talk and fellowship outdoors after the service and Q&A.  Please remember to be considerate of others and ensure you are not closer than 6ft before removing your mask.