The Riverside Membership Course


Riverside’s Membership Course is designed to be a high-level overview of what we believe, our philosophy of ministry & internal church structure and the overall mission we’re on as the people of God at Riverside. It’s broken up into three main sessions around those topics: Gospel: Doctrine, Gospel: Community, and Gospel: Mission. Each of our staff pastors teaches a session, each of which are broken up into shorter videos that make it easier to pace the course. Each session also has coursework: Reading (articles, excerpts from books and Scripture) and Questions to answer and submit through the online classroom. See the course syllabus for specific video titles and times, and assigned coursework.


Getting Started:

The first step in becoming a member at Riverside is to sign up for the next Membership Intro Lunch .  From there, you will receive an invitation to create a user name and password to the online classroom. The system will help you track your progress. We welcome discussion on the online classroom between people taking the course and the pastors. As you go through the course, we’re available to meet to help you process what you are learning. We encourage you to process as well with your small group community.

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Completing the Course:

Once you have completed a significant portion of the coursework, you will be able to sign up for the next Membership Discussion Gathering with Riverside Church Leadership and other folks that have recently finished the Membership Course. These are usually on Sundays, over lunch in a home or at the church building. The purpose of this gathering is for you to ask questions or share feedback you have from the course, as well as for you to get to know the leaders who will be serving, leading and shepherding you as a member of Riverside.


Final Steps Toward Membership:

After the discussion gathering, the next step is for you to schedule a Membership Interview with your Small Group leader. After he recommends you to the Elders for Membership at Riverside, one of the staff pastors will let you know the date of the next Riverside Membership Covenant, which is the final step toward joining Riverside. Our Membership Covenant takes place in a large group gathering of our congregation (Sunday Service or Congregational Family Meeting), during which you make a public covenant to the other members of Riverside Community Church.