Small Group Leadership Intensive 2018

Paul calls the church “a pillar and buttress of the truth,” (1Tim.3:15). As a pillar, it thrusts the truth high for all to see. As a buttress, it supports and establishes the truth “on earth as it is in heaven.” In other words, the church both grounds and displays the gospel in our world, making visible the invisible reign of God through our everyday life together in Jesus. To be this sort of community we need to increasingly become a people marked by the gospel. “The aim of our instruction,” Paul writes, “is love from a pure heart, a clear conscience and a sincere faith.” This is the aim of all church leadership.

If a local church is to act as “a pillar and buttress of the truth,” then it must itself be grounded in the truth – that is, healthy doctrine. This involves not only a steady diet of biblical instruction (1Tim.1:10-11; 4:1-5, 11; 2Tim.1:13-14; 2:2, 14-18; 3:16-4:4; Titus 1:9; 2:1; 3:1-9), but also a pattern of “sound living” – especially among the church’s leaders (1Tim.1:18-19; 4:7-8, 12, 15-16; 2Tim.2:3-7, 20-26; 3:10-14; 4:4) who are to exemplify “love from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and a sincere faith.” Such healthy leaders will build and maintain healthy churches (1Tim.3:1-13; Titus 1:5-8).  Unhealthy men and women, however, will promote and practice distorted doctrine that tears the church down (1Tim.1:3-7, 19-20; Titus 1:10-11, 3:10-11).

If we are to be a healthy church – and plant healthy churches – then obviously we must disciple and develop healthy leaders. As one important step toward this end, Riverside Community Church has designed a series of co-ed intensives to further equip the saints for the work of ministry (Eph.4:11) and enhance our life together as the church. The first intensive, which we rolled out in the spring of 2016, was called “Discipleship Intensive: Doctrinal and Spiritual Foundations,” and served as the entryway to further training at Riverside. The second intensive, entitled, “Leadership Intensive: Leading Gospel Communities,” focuses on leadership development, and at Riverside that centers on leading Small Groups.

The Leadership Intensive’s objectives are to (1) understand the vision, authority and structure of our life together at Riverside Community Church, (2) rejoice in how the gospel grounds and guides our community, (3) gain confidence in articulating the gospel and applying it to the details of everyday life, both for fellow believers and unbelievers, (4) enjoy studying and leading others in the Word of God, (5) grow in the specific leadership skills of shepherding, training other leaders, and building teams, and (6) grow in our personal walk with Christ as we walk alongside one another.

This intensive will begin Sunday, September 9th at 7:00 PM and meet weekly through Sunday, October 28th. Below is a brief syllabus for the intensive.

If you have more questions or would like to see the detailed syllabus, please contact Pastor Christian

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Leadership Intensive: Leading Gospel Communities

Required reading and materialsTotal Church, Community, and a chapter from Men and Women, Equal Yet Different (a PDF copy will be provided); complete an emotional health profile and spiritual inventory test.

Prerequisite: A leader from your Small Group (SG) must recommend you as your sponsor. This can either be your SG leader, or member of the church’s leadership team. If you are a SG leader yourself, then a SG coach must serve as your sponsor.  In addition, you are expected to process the content from the sessions with your “sponsor” at least three times in person during the intensive, and put into practice some of what you’re learning in your SG with the guidance of your sponsor.

You can download the full Fall 2018 Syllabus here.

Leadership Intensive Class Schedule
Date Title and Description
Sept. 09 The Gospel On Every Page
        Learning to Interpret All Scripture as Pointing to Christ
Sept. 16  Brothers and Sisters in the Family of God
        Discerning Male and Female Roles in Christian Community
Sept. 23  Applying the Gospel Together
        Learning the Basics of reading and applying the Bible
Sept. 30 Gospel Rhythms
        Worldly Liturgies vs. Kingdom Liturgies
Oct. 07 Knowing Ourselves and Each Other
        Emotional and Spiritual Health in Gospel Community
Oct. 14 Growing In Christ Together
        Practical Models of Discipleship in Gospel Community
Oct. 21 Small Group Evangelism
        Knowing Our Mission and Roles within Gospel Communities
Oct. 28 Individual Evangelism
        Discipling Non-Christians through Bible Study / Conclusion