Giving to Riverside Community Church

As Christians, there is a tremendous opportunity to proclaim the gospel by giving generously. Giving invigorates our devotion to Christ and frees us from the tyranny of consumerism. It provides an outlet for compassion and allows us to proclaim His sufficiency and provision. As people of faith, we give faithfully.

Give Online

If you are a Riverside member or regular attender, please use the link below to make your one time gift or to set up a recurring gift. Recurring gifts are a great way to support the work of Riverside consistently. (Login Required. Request a login here.)


If you are not a Riverside member or attender and would like to make a gift you may do so at the link below.  If you use this option you may only give by credit or debit cards, as e-checks are not an option. If you would like to give with an e-check, please request a login.

External Gifts


About Online Giving

We process online transactions as e-checks or credit/debit cards. You can set up these transactions as one-time or recurring donations (weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, or annually).

E-Checks – This preferred method requires your bank check routing number and checking account number. Your routing number is a nine-digit number on the bottom-left corner of a check. Do not use the routing number from a deposit slip. This may vary from your check routing number.

Credit Cards – Riverside offers this method for those who pay their monthly bills in full each month. Please see our FAQ’s page for more information regarding giving via credit cards.

Cash or Check

Cash or Checks can be dropped in the offering plate on Sunday Mornings. There are giving envelopes at the Information Table at the entrance to Worship. Please make checks payable to Riverside Community Church.

You can also mail your check(s) to:

Riverside Community Church
Attn: Donations
2925 Devine St.
Columbia, SC 29205


Donations, Securities, Contributions

Do you have any questions regarding donations of stocks, mutual funds, etc. or questions relating to donations or contribution statements? Please contact us and we would be glad to answer them.

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