Just as our Lord welcomed and blessed children during his earthly ministry,
so we are a community that highly values “these little ones.”

A Special Note from our Children’s Ministry Leaders concerning the Summer rhythms:

If you are new to Riverside, or not a parent, you might not have noticed that our children, 3K and up, have been joining us for our Sunday services. If you are a parent, you have most definitely noticed, and children in the service may present new challenges for you. Our leadership wants you to know that we see you, and we want to do all we can to equip you to engage your children in the service. We will periodically have children’s sermons, which give our kiddos an opportunity to hear a lesson specifically catered to their age and development. We will also have coloring sheets available at the back.

We want to encourage you to view this time of being together in the service as an opportunity: our children get to see us worship, and they get to worship with us through song, prayer, giving, scripture reading, and hearing the prepared message. We can initiate conversations with our kids about what was interesting, confusing or hard. They will also have moments when they are distracted or bored, and that is okay. In the same way that Riverside is turning “consumers into worshipers,” we want to teach our kids that church is not all about consuming. Our prayer is that in the moments when our children seem bored or simply uninterested, that the Word of God would affect them and plant seeds that would bear fruit later on.

This group of children joins us in our services during the summers so we can give some of our faithful team members rest. Our hope and plan is to resume our normal programming for our children in the fall. If you are interested in serving with our children, either this summer or in the fall, I’d love to talk with you more. We are in need of bi-monthly and monthly team members in order to continue to make our children’s ministry possible.

Alex Markle
Children’s Ministry Coordinator


We covet your prayers as we teach and shape young hearts and minds.

We do still have classes for children 2k and under for both our 9:00 and our 10:45 service.  We are always looking for servant-hearted team members to help with these little ones during the summer months, so please fill out the application below if you can help.


 Ministry Policy  |  Team Member Application | Wil’s World Intake Form


For any questions regarding children’s ministry please contact Erica Kimrey below