Children’s Discipleship Re-Opening

The following plan has been reviewed and approved by a Regathering Committee, the staff, and the elders. On the advice of larger and more experienced children’s discipleship ministries, we decided not to open all the classrooms at once. We will have a phased reopening similar to the church’s phased reopening. The goal in all of this is to have age appropriate teaching that provides not only learning opportunities, but also the development of disciplines of faith around God’s word for all learning styles. We will also seek to support parents and small groups in equipping their children at home and in gospel community.

Our basic plan for reopening will start with 2 classes (because of volunteer numbers): 4-6 and 7-10. Because of the square footage of the rooms upstairs, we will accept 8 children in 4-6 and 10 children in 7-10. Our plan would be to eventually split into 4-5, 5-6, as well as open 3 year old classes as well (as a team can be built and resources meet up with our desires). The younger classes will operate in a co-op system where parents of the same age will receive scheduling and training support from CD, but in order to participate a parent in the family must volunteer in the class.

We will have 3 people running check in each week (teacher, coordinator, welcome team member). Welcome team will run logistics; the coordinator and teacher will physically walk children to their room. Check in will be outside of the side Children’s Discipleship Wing door under a tailgating tent. Families will join a short line on the side lawn with socially distanced
spots. When you reach the tent, your child will undergo a short medical screening, receive their name tag, and then will walk to their room. Since most of our kiddos will not be accustomed to transitioning away from their parents at the door, we will provide motivational support (tattoos, stickers, etc.) to help with the transition.

The curriculum for this term is going to be a little different; we will follow the church through Amos, Advent, and 1 John as this will allow all children and families whether on the livestream, in person in sanctuary, or in classes to be studying the same part of God’s word in an age appropriate manner.

Main FAQ’s for Sunday morning programming:

  1. Registration
    a. CD registration will run in the same form as Sunday registration – families will register their children for class by age and you will be able to register if capacity isn’t already
    b. To be placed on a waiting list for a classroom spot (if capacity is already reached), you will include your children’s name and age in the comment section of your form.
  2. Check in/Screening
    a. We will have a screening procedure with a temperature check and a checklist of symptoms (as advised by medical professionals).
    b. Name Tags will be pre-printed for Sunday based on your form registration.
    c. At this time, no unregistered attendance will take place.
  3. Classroom Expectations
    a. When not socially distanced, masks will be worn by children at all times.
    b. Staff will wear masks all morning.
    c. We will utilize spray hand sanitizer to prevent surface exposure and help prevent germ spread when necessary in the morning activities.
    d. Tables have been removed from classes and children will sit at individual work stations (cushion, floor desk, along the perimeter of the room).
    e. Each child on the class roster will have a baggie of supplies (crayons, markers, scissors, glue, playdough, tape) that will remain with them through the ministry year.
    f. We will still have free time and split into station play for free play but a typical schedule for our classrooms will be:
    i. Coloring/Check-in: 8:45-9:05
    ii. Review class rules (mask wearing, social distancing): 9:05-9:15
    iii. Lesson with rotating teacher: 9:15-9:30
    iv. Bathroom break: 9:30-9:45
    v. Prayer and Individually packaged snacks: 9:45-10:00
    vi. Craft to reinforce lesson: 10:00-10:15
    vii. Story to reinforce lesson: 10:15-10:30
    viii. Free play during check-out: 10:30-10:45
  4. Mandatory Reporting/When to Stay Home
    a. If you have any known exposure to someone who tests positive for COVID, it is medically advisable that you consult your physician and self-quarantine for 2 weeks.
    b. If you experience COVID-like symptoms, it is medically advisable that you consult your physician and self-quarantine for 2 weeks.
    c. If you experience any of the following symptoms within 48 hours (at any point Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) of a CD event, please remain at home until you are symptom free without medication for 24 hours:
    i. Nausea
    ii. Vomiting
    iii. Diarrhea
    iv. Fever over 100.4
    v. Extreme nose running (requiring constant wiping or tissue control)
  5. Check-Out
    a. We will utilize walkie talkies in order to call children down from classes for check out – utilize call tags for check-out
    b. Parents will join the line as with morning check-in and present their call tag for check-out.
  6. Cleaning Procedures
    a. During class, air purifying filters will be used to help decrease the particles in the air.
    b. Teachers will use Thieves Spray on surfaces and toys in rooms before exiting the room for the day.
    c. Rooms will be equipped with sanitary wipes for any items that need cleaning during class
  7. Discipline Policy
    a. If your child is having a difficult time in their room following our morning procedure, refusing to socially distance, or wear their mask appropriately, we will be utilizing a more efficient system of parent communication in the service. The code on your child’s call tag will appear on the screen in the sanctuary. Thus, we are asking all parents to place the call sticker somewhere to ensure you are able to utilize it if you see a code appear (just like your child’s name tag, call tags are stickers). You can exit the back of the sanctuary and follow the marked path through downstairs to the CD wing. The coordinator for the morning will meet you in the CD wing and escort you to your child’s classroom. If this occurs, we are asking parents not to enter the classroom, your child will be waiting with their supplies for you just outside of their room with one of their teachers. We are giving teachers authority at this point to ask you to take your child with you to the service or re-enter class based on the severity of their disobedience; however, if this occurs for the second time in the same morning, at that point, we are asking you to take your child with you to service. We want in every way possible to have a balance of grace given to our children but also consequence, as we must take seriously their refusal to comply with their teachers requests.

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