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It is hard to think that seven months after the flood, there are individuals who are still displaced from their homes. Ms. Karen is one of them and this is her story:

karen and us

Like many victims, Ms. Karen evacuated her home at 4:30 in the morning the day of the massive flooding. When she was allowed to return, she came home to find a completely flooded crawl space and about 3 inches of standing water inside; on top of all this, she found mold covering her flooring and lower walls. Everything connected to the floor had to be gutted, but due to a slow process and lots of red tape, this took a couple of months. During this time the mold came back and grew up the walls, covered the ceiling, and ruined everything worth saving at first.


Due to a lot of red tape and a slow moving process in getting the floors taken care of, Ms. Karen came back to her home to find mold covering the rest of her home – walls, ceiling, cabinets, and counter tops: virtually unlivable. Her home, as a result, had to be completely gutted in order to restore it to a healthy living condition. This is where Riverside has been able to step in and help. Ms. Karen was blessed with the resources needed to cover the cost for supplies, but not labor. As a church body and with the help from some wonderful teams, we have been able to step in and provide free labor to begin restoring her home so she can return.


As Ms. Karen has been with Riverside members for help on her home, she has been able to connect with a small group just down her street. As a result, she is finding encouragement, community, and friendship. Success in this process, she says, would be to restore her home and be surrounded with community. Praise the Lord for the way He is moving her forward and restoring her in many ways!






If you’re interested in hearing Ms. Karen speak about her experience in the flood and the way Riverside has been able to help, follow this link: Ms. Karen Video

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