Sermon Blurb – The Sign of Jonah

Jesus performed many “signs and wonders” throughout the course of His ministry – more than could be written down (John 20:30-31). He did these, in great part, that the people might believe in Him (John 4:48). And many within Israel were impressed with Jesus’ miracles and displays...
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Sermon Blurb – Salvation Is Of The Lord

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Not unlike Caiaphas’ “prophecy” regarding Christ’s death on behalf of the nation in John 11:49-53, when Jonah confessed in Jonah 2:9, “salvation is of the Lord,” he spoke better than he knew. I imagine him uttering these words balled up in the...
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The Book of Jonah: A Whale Tale?

Whenever we talk about the book of Jonah, most of us think of our childhood picture of the absurdly disobedient prophet, swallowed by a whale. In our memories Jonah is more a cartoonish farce than a serious prophetic book of the Bible. After all, the story is surprisingly...
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