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As we are moving forward in the wake of the flood, we have started to realize a few things. Many smaller flood related needs in our community are being met and taken care of—Praise the Lord! But some of our neighbors are still struggling with more complex issues. There are also many people within our community who are suffering from needs that have nothing to do with the flood. We feel the Lord calling us to continue #LoveColumbia as flood relief AND a benevolence ministry to our city.

As a part of the #LoveColumbia team, we would like to establish a Care Team. A member of the Care Team would be matched with a person in need to use an asset based plan to walk with them. When an individual comes to the church or a small group asking for help, a Care Team member would help them complete an intake form and action plan to assess the gifts, skills, and abilities they have to help better their own life. They would get to know the individual and gain an understanding of their situation and needs. The Care Team member and church leadership would then assess what resources Riverside can provide (financial, emotional, spiritual support, etc.) and what resources are available in the community. If a relationship continues to develop, we want to connect them to the larger church body through a small group near where they live.

No one will be doing this process on their own! We will continue to provide training and support for our Care Team as it develops and as needs arise.

Please pray about joining the Care Team! We know that there are needs in our community and we want to be as equipped as we can to help and support individuals as they come through our doors. If you have any questions, please contact Cassie Selin at discas@bethel.edu. Thank you!

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